Gemco Rail provides tailor-made solutions for the maintenance, modification, and overhaul of all types of locomotives.

Our people are passionate and committed to providing quality solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

With a national network of facilities, Gemco Rail provides fully-trained service technicians and equipment to provide minimum downtime and maximize utilisation. Additionally, we employ field service technicians with built for purpose service vehicles to undertake call-outs and complete servicing and repairs to assets on location

Our services include:

  • Fleet maintenance management
  • In-field provisioning and service
  • Full range of preventative maintenance inspections
  • Component change out and repair
  • Locomotive body and underframe repairs
  • Component overhaul
  • Bogie changes and overhaul
  • Locomotive equipment upgrade.


Gemco Rail provides wide ranging options for your locomotive refurbishment.

Whether you want to fully overhaul your existing locomotive or refurbish and upgrade with the latest fuel efficient and clean diesel engines and control systems, Gemco Rail’s team of skilled engineers and trades people can help.

Our experienced and specialised staff throughout Australia can provide planning, management, and total control of locomotive projects. With a wide range of options available including a variety of modular locomotive components, engine comparisons, servicing options, and pricing ranges.

We partner with you to:

  • Ensure locomotives operate reliably
  • Achieve fuel savings
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce waste disposal
  • Extend locomotive lifespan
  • Reuse current locomotive assets

Gemco Rail, in partnership with proven quality international engine suppliers, is re-manufacturing existing locomotive assets with the latest technology components.