Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

Gemco Rail is committed to providing its employees, subcontractors and everyone who visits our facilities a safe and healthy environment.

Gemco Rail is determined to achieve this by the setting of and the following of objectives listed below:

  • Providing appropriate resources to manage the Company’s Health and Safety Management System. The CEO is ultimately responsible for Health and Safety.
  • Determine measurable objectives and targets to assist in improving Health and Safety.
  • A committee comprising of, Workshop Managers (or their delegates) and shop floor Health and Safety Representatives shall meet monthly, to discuss safety practices and the work environment.
  • Results of Health and Safety committee meetings shall be tabled at monthly Management Meetings for discussion and resolution of matters as required.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws, statutory obligations and regulations.
  • Ensure all employees and contractors endorse our policy.
  • Establish and continually monitor work practices and training.
  • Establish and develop Rail Safety specific procedures and ensure compliance with rail safety regulations.
  • Eliminate or control hazards.
  • Under take regular audits of safety practices.
  • Investigate all incidents and take action to reduce the possibility of reoccurrence.
  • Provide an effective system of rehabilitation for employees injured on the job.
  • Provide a workable and effective workplace drug and alcohol policy.
  • Commit to continual improvement of the OHS Management System.